Hello, I’m Justina – Holistic Well-being Specialist

I am passionate about helping women in Riyadh improve their fitness, flexibility, posture, nutrition and overall wellness.

About me

Do you want to have a more flexible and stronger body?

Are you struggling to lose weight?

Do you wish to improve your sleep and feel more energetic throughout the day?

Would you like to relieve back pain, stiff neck and tight shoulders?

Are you feeling stressed and tired all the time?

Do you need better emotional balance, focus and clarity of mind 

Are you currently pregnant and would like to improve your fitness and well-being in a safe way?

Are you trying to find a new challenge and achieve things that you couldn’t do before?

Are you looking to make changes in your lifestyle and diet to become healthier and happier?

Yoga classes in London

“I’ve had a private class and been to several group classes. Justina is a fantastic teacher, she made me feel like I could do yoga! She’s patient and encouraging, and I love how she incorporates meditation into the practice. Highly recommend!” 


“I had a private lesson with Justina. She was passionate about yoga, attentive, and very professional. She gave more information and made sure I did everything correctly. I felt my practice was cared about, and the teachings were adapted to my level. I felt more positive, energetic and flexible afterwards.” 


“It is really inspiring to be taught by someone so dedicated and immersed in the lifestyle. Her holistic approach rather than simply viewing yoga as means of exercise has pushed me to deepen my practice and reap some of the wider benefits.” 


“Justina is wonderful! Anything you are looking for from your yoga class she has it! She can deliver at any level and her attention to details is impressive! I highly recommend her classes…every time you always feel like you want more!!” 


“Justina gave me a private lesson at my home in Italy and it was absolutely perfect. She is a dedicated and skilled teacher who is so full of knowledge. She also inspired me to include a daily meditation practice and balance my diet. I am so thankful for it. I highly recommend her!”


“Great teacher – really good at pitching the lessons to different abilities and making it challenging so I felt like I’d had a workout. Highly recommended!” 


“I love Justina’s classes. Even the most apparently simple and straightforward postures were taught in such a way I felt the benefits. The experience of the class as a whole, including meditation, was extremely calming and re-centring, a chance to leave day to day stress behind and exist in the moment.”


“Justina is very professional and has made me feel completely relaxed. In my opinion it has been very good that she has started any session with relaxation which has cleared my mind and has prepared me to focus on the following poses. I would recommend her as teacher to all my friend passionate with yoga and I would definitely be happy to continue attending yoga classes thought by her.” 


“As a complete beginner I’ve really enjoyed yoga lessons with Justina. She creates a calm and relaxing environment which offers different levels of challenge depending on your abilities and preferences. I have slept better since starting the classes and also noticed marked improvements in my flexibility – I’d highly recommend!”


“I love Justina’s classes that take place in the office after work. It is so convenient to go from your desk to the mat and work off the stresses of the day. The balance between strength based poses and relaxation stretches that Justina strikes is ideal for me and I have really developed my yoga practice because of her impeccable attention to detail (she misses nothing!) and her good humour, which makes everyone comfortable. I was a total novice when I first started with Justina but have really developed in the past few months, because of her guidance and teaching. Could not recommend highly enough.”


“Justina’s classes have been such a great way for me to get back into practicing yoga! I had been out of touch and rusty and hadn’t practiced in months but the ease and convenience of jumping onto a mat straight after work and her style of teaching made me realise how much my body missed it and how great it felt to get back into the rhythm. Her classes are fantastic as it caters to all levels and I always leave feeling like I’ve worked out but also completely relaxed!”


“I have been doing Zumba with Justina for the last year or so and I have thoroughly enjoyed her class. Justina really puts her heart into creating the routines, choosing the music and inspiring her students to dance! Totally recommend!”


“Justina has an extensive knowledge on different types of practices: from different yoga postures to Chinese acupressure points and she manages to combine them perfectly during a class! The classes she teaches always have an energetic flow which are combined with a very positive ambience and relaxed environment. By choosing the perfect audio background and the motivating words, Justina somehow manages to make everybody in the class give their own best and gain that extra confidence on their body. I wish she could teach classes everyday!” (Oana)


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