FED UP with the PMS before your period – headaches, cravings, fatigue, mood swings?

    STRUGGLING with heavy bleeding and painful cramps during your period?

    WANT to understand the reasons behind the monthly suffering and how to improve it naturally?

    LOVE to feel energetic and calm througout the whole month?

    KEEN to enhance your fertility or learn about how to practice birth control naturally?

    JOIN my HORMONAL BALANCE 101 workshop in Riyadh.

    This workshop is the first one in the upcoming series of workshops to empower women to take care of their health and well-being. It will create the foundation of knowledge about women’s hormones and menstrual cycle and will be a pre-requisite to attend further workshops that will build upon it and discuss more complex topics.

    In this workshop you will learn the importance of each stage of your menstrual cycle and how the fluctuation of your hormones throughout the month and through your lifespan creates changes in your fertility and well-being. You will understand the reasons behind the common symptoms of hormonal imbalance – irregular, heavy, painful periods, PMS, difficulty losing weight, fatigue and learn simple strategies to improve them.

    This information will be beneficial to all ladies of the reproductive age who want to be in control of their period health, fertility, physical and mental well-being and also ensure a smooth journey when they enter perimenopause. 

    The workshop is for LADIES ONLY

    ***BOOK NOW*** by completing the form above. I will be in touch via WhatsApp to finalise your booking.

    The venue

    Clear Hub
    At Taawun
    Riyadh 12476

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    The cost

    Early bird rate – 250 SAR (valid till 24th Jan) Regular price – 300SAR