Hormone Health Coaching Sessions 

Are you suffering from painful/heavy periods or premenstrual symptoms (PMS) – mood swings, bloating or food cravings? 

Do you find it hard to lose fat and gain lean muscle or maybe you have recently started experiencing unexplained weight gain

Do you often feel fatigued, hungry/hangry and crave sugar? 

Have you been diagnosed with to PCOS or endometriosis? Or maybe you have recently started experiencing changes in your monthly cycle such as irregular periods, hot flashes, mood changes, joint pains

Would you like to enjoy smooth periods without any symptoms? 

Are you seeking to increase your fertility and increase your well-being? 

Are you approaching perimenopause/menopause and would like to learn how to support yourself through this transition to avoid disturbing your well-being?

Have you experienced the doctors not taking your concerns seriously or simply handing you a prescription for medication after spending just 5 mins with you?

Hormones affect your physical and mental health and the symptoms mentioned above may indicate that you currently have a hormonal imbalance which can be fixed by making some changes in your lifestyle and nutrition.

Do not wait until your symptoms star getting worse!

Start private coaching sessions with me

As a certified Holistic Women’s Hormone Health Practitioner I will firstly help you understand the root causes of your symptoms and we will work together to choose the best solutions for you to balance your hormones naturally so that you can start feeling great.

Maybe you have specific goals or health conditions that group classes cannot address? I have worked with a variety of client populations such as pre/post natal, older people, athletes with injuries – to name a few – and helped them achieve different personal goals such as recovering after and injury, fixing diastasis recti, achieving splits, etc.

In the individual sessions designed just for you and your goals you will be able to improve your overall wellbeing because I use holistic approach to wellness and combine different methods from the ancient Eastern wisdom and latest western research evidence base. 

My aim is to empower you by sharing my knowledge and best tools for both physical and mental well-being so you can be confident about continuing achieving your goals even after the private sessions are over. 

Before we start individual sessions I offer a free consultation and assessment so I could understand better what you need and it helps me to select the best methods suitable for your circumstances. 

Currently I am fully booked for private sessions. Complete the form bellow if you would like to join the waiting list or contact me if you have any questions.

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