STRUGGLING to achieve the results that you want?

    LACK deep core activation, strength and stability?

    BORED with the same inefficient workouts that don’t feel good for your body?

    WANT to have toned body?

    LOVE to have a better posture, balance, flexibility and coordination?

    COME to my MAT PILATES classes in Riyadh. Every Wednesday 6.30-7.30pm.

    This class is a fun full- body workout with a focus on improving your deep core strength and stability. It blends classical and contemporary Pilates repertoire. We use various Pilates props such as resistance bands, Pilates rings (“magic circle”), small balls and gliders. Regular attendance will result in stronger, more toned muscles, better posture and more responsive deep core. I will teach you how to engage and activate muscles efficiently during the exercises. You will improve your mind-body connection and body awareness. 

    The class if for all levels of fitness. Modifications will be given to reduce or increase intensity of the exercises as well as for those who have any injuries or medical conditions. If you have diastasis recti, you can attend this class – I will modify certain exercises for you. The class is for LADIES ONLY.

    ***PLACES ARE LIMITED*** to ensure small class size for more personal attention.

    ***BOOK your spot NOW*** by completing the form above.

    The venue

    Bab AlNour Studio
    Fatimah Valley, An Nakheel
    Riyadh 12391

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    The cost

    Pay as you go – 150SAR per class

    4 class package* – 500SAR (valid for 6 weeks)

    *Package can also be used for Barre and Yoga classes on the schedule