FED UP feeling stressed, anxious and emotionally overwhelmed?

STRUGGLING with fatigue, inability to concentrate and chronic muscle tension?

WANT to improve your sleep?

LOVE to feel calm, relaxed and balanced?

COME to my STRESS RELIEF YOGA classes in Riyadh. Every Tuesday 8.30-9.45pm.

This class is a fusion of the most effective Eastern and Western techniques for stress relief such as Yoga postures, mindfulness meditation, gentle somatic movements, breathing exercises, acupressure points and self-massage which will leave you feeling calm and relaxed, free of stress and anxiety.

Chronic stress has detrimental effects on our body and mind. It can negatively affect our mental and physical health. You may experience sleeping problems, fatigue and have a difficulty to concentrate during the day. Stress can also affect digestion, immunity and even our ability to lose and maintain healthy weight. Anxiety and stress go hand in hand and leave us feeling emotionally overwhelmed and drained.

In this relaxing class lit by cande light I will take you on a journey towards complete relaxation and deeper mind-body connection. We will release unwanted emotions that we carry as muscle tension in the body. We will reset the nervous system, so it can function more efficiently. You will leave the class feeling completely calm and relaxed.

We will practice in a safe and tranquil place. The class is LADIES ONLY.

***PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN MAT*** the rest of the props are provided.

***PLACES ARE LIMITED*** to ensure small class size for more personal attention.

***BOOK your spot NOW*** by completing the form below

    The venue

    Enchanted Art Center
    Al-Thumamah Valley St, Al Olaya

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    The cost

    Pay as you go – 150SAR per class

    4 class package* – 500SAR (valid for 6 weeks)

    *Package can also be used for Sat Yoga and Mon Barre classes